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  • 2017-12-9
    New technology guidance - Method for using hollow glass butyl rubber
    Hollow glass butyl rubber is a kind of polyisobutylene rubber as the base material of one component,...
  • 2017-12-9
    Brief discussion on building safety glass
    In peacetime, the design of residential, commercial and other facilities mainly consider the functio...
  • 2017-12-9
    Faith glass group
    Founded in 1988, Xinyi China Glass Holdings Ltd is a super large enterprise with complete product st...
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  • brief introduction
    brief introduction
    Rongshunxiang Glass Co. Ltd., located in the hometown of Tofu, also the hometown of Huainan King – Huainan, Anhui Province. Established in 2006, Rongshunxiang is a private enterprise invested 30 million yuan with nearly 50 employees. It is a glass deep-process...
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  • Properties of tempered glass
    Properties of tempered glass
    The tempered glass belongs to the glass. Toughened glass is ...
  • Precautions for glass maintenance
    Precautions for glass maintenance
    1, usually do not impact the glass surface, in order to prev...
  • How to choose good quality glass window?
    How to choose good quality glass window?
    The quiet and comfortable environment is now the pursuit of ...
  • What is the hollow Low-E glass?
    What is the hollow Low-E glass?
    LOW-E film surface position in 2# or 3# hollow glass K value...
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